Aggressive Behavior of a Child at Adolescence in Learning


  • Behxhet Gaxhiqi University of Gjakova "Fehmi Agani"


aggression, conversation, modality, factors, behaviors, etc.


Within this paper will address the issue of aggression among students in adolescence. In the subject of this paper we have analyzed and viewed from the perspective of the approach levels and the forms of cooperation of teachers during their work with these children. We have also dealt with the parents 'viewpoint, the nature of parents' access to these children, forms and models of conversations and forms of action, in the family and in the school.

In addition, the research focuses on the expression of aggression in general, in the forms of expression, the risk posed by this behavior, to these young people today in society. The topic of this paper is also focused on preventing aggressive behaviors, these children in recognizing the problems of behavior and forms of action, we should not ignore the cooperation with parents, and the paper also analyzed the causes of aggression, the factors associated with the manifestation of such actions as: economic, political, social factors, environmental factors, and psychological factors.

The working specifications also focus on finding and implementing a modality of a strategy for reducing the aggressive behavior of these children with special emphasis during their stay in school and family. During this paper we have also analyzed the manifestation of emotional behavior of these children, especially of those negative emotions, signs of abnormal behavior and excessive aggression