The Implementation of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) Approach in English Classes


  • Elsa Vula University of Gjakova "Fehmi Agani"


CLT approach, CLT activities, English teaching methodology, teacher, pupils.


It is generally known that English language is considered one of the most used foreign language in the world and there is a vast of interest in learning it. The process of learning it is closely related to the process of teaching it as well. There have been major discussions on the teaching methods of a foreign language for centuries. This paper aims in elaboration of “Communicative language teaching approach” and its implementation in primary schools, specifically, in English classes. The research aimed in researching the English teaching methodology, by finding if CLT approach is being applied during the English classes, in four primary schools in Gjakova. Firstly, this paper discusses the origin of CLT approach, its importance and activities and secondly shows findings and discussion of the conducted data, regarding the English teaching methodology. The conducted date gives a clear view of the current situation in four primary schools in Gjakova regarding English teaching methods which are discussed and elaborated later in this paper.