Workers' Health Care and Management of Preventive Measures and Injuries in the Workplace


  • SHERIF SEJDIU Menagment, Tourism, social sience


Keywords: Prevention, Measures, Management, Risk, Injury, Caution


The key purpose of this paper is to present some assessments identifying them with risks in the workplace in the Republic of Kosovo and assessing their degree of risk, and identifying opportunities and needs for prevention, risk reduction, response, recovery. and avoiding the consequences of injuries at work.

The continuous and increasing evolution of natural and industrial hazards, the emergence of new hazards of modern society make it necessary to adapt the structures of defense services at work and apply precautionary measures. Both in every country and in our country, regardless of their status.

In order to improve the skills of operational units that are called to intervene against various risks, it is necessary to have a training structure and an operational organization that can do a theoretical-structural training in general and in in particular a practical training which will enable a coverage of all existing risks by covering these services with tools and equipment as we have proposed during various researches.