Students' perceptions of using Google Classroom in Math


  • Senad Orhani Education


Google Classroom, math, perceptions, and student


This study aims to investigate students' perceptions regarding the use of Google Classroom in the subject of mathematics. With Google Classroom, teachers can create virtual classrooms, set tasks, evaluate, comment, and view student works in real time. The research aims to identify students' perception of the Google Classroom application in the subject of mathematics. The sample selected for this research was a deliberate sample and represents 55 students of the preschool program from the Faculty of Education at the University "Fehmi Agani" Gjakova. The methodology used in this research is the mixed method, where quantitative and qualitative methods are combined. The data were collected through questionnaires that served to understand students' perceptions on the use of Google Classroom and this data was analyzed and interpreted to answer the questions and hypotheses presented in this research. Research findings show that students have positive perceptions on using Google Classroom in math.